Entry #9

2016 and still slacking, whoops

2016-02-03 06:47:19 by blackwolfangel

I don't know why I came back on here -- I think I just wanted to check out how my music was fairing on here, because the thought of revamping my songs came to mind in a 3 am blur. So I was looking over my shit, and which songs were top... and what the ever loving fuck you guys


I mean, I'm pretty damn sure that's fuckin' nothing compared to the actual top rated and listened to music on here, with stuff that's featured and all that, but Jesus Christ. I thought I'd be lucky to hit 100 plays for any of my songs, and the one I practically went fucking insane over (because getting everything from sheet music to an audio program perfectly on the first try never happens) has over 1,000. Fuck. Thanks? I think?? Or is this a backhanded way of saying my original stuff sucks? Who knows. Not me, that's for sure.

Uhm. On another note... I can't make promises, because college, and job, and regular human functions get in the way of the leisurely time I don't use but should use to work on more shit, BUT, I'm gonna try and get some help with my music making process from some more experienced individuals, so that maybe I can make music that actually sounds like a song, and not a skeleton of one with bits of flesh on it. Because that's what it still feels like to me. Even the updated version of Strife sounds... empty, in its own right. I know what's wrong, but I need to figure out how to fix it without just scrapping the whole damn project.

Anyways. That's it for now.



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