2013-10-09 19:38:53 by blackwolfangel

So I've been pissy that my music has seemed pretty... plain. I thank my friend Taylor for helping me out with Fruity Loops -- and I've made my music prettier (aka, I've put gemstones and glitter on the shit pile to make it look nicer)! I'm currently working on a track, I'll upload the work in progress, hopefully it satisfies. It's not finished though, and any suggestions and critiques are welcome!
Anyways, I'll get to my shit and continue tweaking my music, maybe get some sleep, school and ex fiancee drama are very draining things.



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2013-10-12 06:15:52

Just keep working on it! Any specific submission you want a review for?

blackwolfangel responds:

Well I mean any would be nice, but especially my latest submission, because I want to get it as good as I can make it, y'know? I finally had a friend help me with effects on the music, so I wanna take it a step further, but in the end if I wanna appeal to others, I'm gonna have to know what others want.


2013-10-13 08:09:11

I'm on it. :P