I don't know why I came back on here -- I think I just wanted to check out how my music was fairing on here, because the thought of revamping my songs came to mind in a 3 am blur. So I was looking over my shit, and which songs were top... and what the ever loving fuck you guys


I mean, I'm pretty damn sure that's fuckin' nothing compared to the actual top rated and listened to music on here, with stuff that's featured and all that, but Jesus Christ. I thought I'd be lucky to hit 100 plays for any of my songs, and the one I practically went fucking insane over (because getting everything from sheet music to an audio program perfectly on the first try never happens) has over 1,000. Fuck. Thanks? I think?? Or is this a backhanded way of saying my original stuff sucks? Who knows. Not me, that's for sure.

Uhm. On another note... I can't make promises, because college, and job, and regular human functions get in the way of the leisurely time I don't use but should use to work on more shit, BUT, I'm gonna try and get some help with my music making process from some more experienced individuals, so that maybe I can make music that actually sounds like a song, and not a skeleton of one with bits of flesh on it. Because that's what it still feels like to me. Even the updated version of Strife sounds... empty, in its own right. I know what's wrong, but I need to figure out how to fix it without just scrapping the whole damn project.

Anyways. That's it for now.


So it's been semi-long since I've updated, but the downlow for this is basically: I lost all my shit. My old Toshiba bit the dust (may it rest in electronic peace), but it drug my hard drive with it. One of my tech savvy friends was working on recovering it all when his dad decided he didn't want his son in the house anymore, so I may or may not be able to get my things back. (And by that, I mean I'm going to get my shit back or I'm going to beat the fucking shit out of some old man for throwing away my hard work and concert photos.)

2014 ended alright... The awesome points were that I met Frank Iero, the ex-guitarist for My Chemical Romance, and founder of his band frnkiero andthe cellabration. And I will never shut up about it. Ever. The bad points were the Ferguson stuff going down here in my hometown (and by bad I mean the police getting even more out of hand than usual), and... that's mainly it. 2014 was a bit of a dull and excite year at the same time.

2015 has brought about a new laptop, namely an Asus, as well as a new job at Steak 'n Shake where I'll be a waiter. Whoop whoop, you're gonna get served. I had to go through two Toshibas on the way, though, which was rather disappointing, but the here and the now, y'know? Can't go dwelling on what I went through, just gotta hope this is good now.

Hopefully I'll be able to start up new music here again soon; in the meantime, I'll be lurking, as usual.


Making Goals

2014-07-20 01:52:05 by blackwolfangel

So while trying to figure out what's been missing with my music, I've been experiementing with new things and looking at stuff to help me further myself in my quest to make decent music for once. While doing such, my old Sennheisers finally choked, and I had to run to Guitar Center to purchase myself a new pair. While wandering through that section, I ended up running into this:



The Numark NS7II. I played around with it a little, and was mersmerized. So much, that I took a picture before I has to leave, so I could think on it a little more. Or, what in reality happened to be a lot more. I went back the next day (today, actually) and ended up playing around with it again, asking some questions, and I finally decided that I was determined to buy this and make it my own. The price, as you can see, is steep, especially for a broke college kid. It's even more expensive adding on the warranty -- an extra $200. A good quality mic is another $200 to that, so all in all, it's gonna cost me around $2,200 (or $2,000 if I can manage getting that 10% discount).

What does this all mean? Well, working on minimum wage with about 15 hours a week gives me a bimonthly check of about $200 when tax has been taken out. Which means it'll take about half a year to be able to afford all of this. No, I'm not going to ask for donations; I don't have any good reason to take other people's money, other than I want a piece of technology to play with. But if it's going to take me half a year to afford this, that means it's going to be about a year until I can actually begin to advance in my music making. Already inactive as is, this'll put a bigger dent into my activity here, so chances are I won't be on too often. I promise to try and stop by whenever possible -- I got a new tablet, so I may start uploading some art here or there on occassion.

Things, I think, are looking up. I'm hoping maybe I'll get more hours and affording this beauty will be closer than thought before. Until then, though, I thank everyone for the support given. Here's to advancement in music and setting goals for the future.


So here I am, 8 months after my last little drop on by. High school's finally over -- graduated, got my G.E.D., and off to college. I'll be staying in town going to the local community college, which means I'll continue to have WiFi and access to food. Sweet, right?

Also, I'm no longer a bum -- after months of searching, I finally got a job. I was worried I'd turn 19 before getting one. Technically I do turn 19, on my first day. Does that count? I don't know. I don't care. I have a job. Which means money for important things. Yeah!

So what does this all mean? Nothing! Other than I'm alive. As for my music, I've been learning a little more on FL Studio, and have been getting inspiration from the music I've been listening to, including bands / groups / artists I've listened to for a long time, and new findings, thanks to YouTube channels like MonstercatMedia (which you should all check out because the artists are phenomenal). I'm tweaking up some old projects, I just need to get a tune in my head for some new ones and I'll probably spin off those and make some more little dabbles.

As always, I'm open for suggestions, be it what should be added or changed, what a song needs, so on and so forth. Can't improve if I don't get criticism, and my music is lightyears away from perfect.

If anyone's interested, I'm always active on my stupid tumblr, so if anyone needs to snag me and get an answer asap, that's probably the quickest catch for anyone.

Thanks for the support and time.



2013-10-09 19:38:53 by blackwolfangel

So I've been pissy that my music has seemed pretty... plain. I thank my friend Taylor for helping me out with Fruity Loops -- and I've made my music prettier (aka, I've put gemstones and glitter on the shit pile to make it look nicer)! I'm currently working on a track, I'll upload the work in progress, hopefully it satisfies. It's not finished though, and any suggestions and critiques are welcome!
Anyways, I'll get to my shit and continue tweaking my music, maybe get some sleep, school and ex fiancee drama are very draining things.



2013-07-26 04:43:49 by blackwolfangel

wow I haven't been on in forever again
I keep neglecting this account
probably because I don't do shit often
well I'll be dumping a bunch of projects and then one song I'm fond of so uh yeah
have fun listening
I'm not responsible for headaches and earbleeds too just saying

My Comments:

2012-05-29 00:01:04 by blackwolfangel

After looking at my music: Well shit. I've been gone for who knows how long, and my first three songs are 4+ rating. That must be a good thing I hope.
After looking at my profile: I look like a wolfaboo. I need to change that.
In general: I'm such an asshole now. I'm going to look so bipolar with my new comments.

So yeah. Wow. I haven't logged on in forever. But I think that's because I was operating on a piece of shit DELL desktop. Christmas flung a new Toshiba laptop at me, so once I can figure out how the hell to get FruityLoops onto this, I'll be uploading more stuff. I could upload stuff I've done previously... but that's fun stuff in spare time that isn't worth uploading. Who knows, maybe I'll get recording equipment and record some shit my band does and put it on here.

Yeah. Uh... nothing more. I'll try to be on more often. No promises. Women are hard to manage, and my girlfriend is one of 'em. (Honestly I couldn't ask for anyone ever, I just like acting like a chauvinistic asshole for fun. She makes good sandwiches, though!)

-- Blakely

Holy Shit, People

2011-03-20 00:48:51 by blackwolfangel

I come on here after sitting around being lazy and forgetful for who-knows-how-long, and find that both my music pieces are rated in the 4 area. Jesus, I didn't think they'd get THAT high.

Anyways... I'll be uploading more crap soon. I'm on Spring Break. SO I'LL MAKE YOUR EARS BLEED S'MORE. Have fun?

-- Blakely, The Black Wolf Angel

I upload stuff, it keeps getting good votes. Either you guys pity me, or God's trying to tell me that I'm not as bad as I think I am. I feel humbled, surprised, and a bit worried all at the same time. Thanks for the support; I didn't think people would like my stuff as much as it seems. ^^;

I Just Now Saw This

2011-02-01 22:37:08 by blackwolfangel

Wow, am I observant. /sarcasm/

Anyways... Yo, 'sup? I'm Serena "Blakely" Wintersfield (feel free to call me Blakely; it's a lot easier). I'm... not interesting. So yeah. At least, I don't think I'm interesting. Maybe I am and just don't give myself credit? *shrug* So yeah. I mainly do audio. For the time being, all I'm doing is audio. I might do animation later... once I learn how to do it, and if I'm even good at it.

Honestly, I don't really know what to say. I'm a bit timid right now, with this being a new site and all (for me), so if I come off as anti-social / socially awkward... It's because I am. 8| From what I've observed, every site has it own type of sociability, and if you walk out of that norm, you're shunned. Obviously, I don't wanna be shunned. So I'm gonna be fairly quiet for the time being, until I get used to things. It's just how I am, y'know? I need time to adapt.

Well... hope y'all like the music. It's simple, nothing much, and can always go for improvement. Critics are welcome, as long as you're not an ass about it. The critics I've gotten so far (from my brother and the moderator who approved my first submission) are helpful. More critic is needed, though (hell, it'll always be needed; nothing's perfect), so if you have suggestions, shoot. I'm welcoming anything that's not a bash / flame.

So yeah. Have fun.

~ Serena "Blakely" Wintersfield, Black Wolf Angel